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  •  Video Card Benchmark Summary
    Welcome Visitor #

    2D SpeedMark Final Reality
    3D Turok 3D WinBench 98 **soon**
    **New** Image Quality **New**

    2D Speedmark - This is a test of raw 2D functions. It is a small crappy benchmark which came with my old hercules dynamite power card (Et4000). Even though it is old , etc , it is a pretty good depiction of raw power. The functions tested are: MemtoScr (bitmapping) , ScrtoScr (bitmapping) , PolyFill , solid color , PolyFull , hatched , Ternary ROPS , Fonts , Styled and Solid Vectors. The score is in millions of pixels per second. 

    S3 Trio 64V2/DX - I have included the score of this card for comparision purposes. This is the average card you will find in most average priced systems. (Score: 87.40) 

    Oak Warp 5 - As you can see from the results , the Warp 5's 2D isn't 'super fast' It is above average , and can be considered good , however if you want REAL fast 2D , read below... (Score: 128.38) 

    STB Velocity 128 - The brute 128bit power and blazing SGRAM show what they can do in this benchmark. The RIVA card simply shatters the competition. I hope to have some more cards to compare this to , such as the Millenium II , ET6000 , and more 2D/3D cards , such as Outlaw 3D and Permedia 2. (Score: 292.67 !!) 

    Final Reality Benchmarks - In my opinion , this is one of the coolest benchmarks out. Watching this one is actually fun! The benchmark tests 2D as well as Direct3D preformance (main portion) 

    As you can see from this benchmark , the 2D or the Warp 5 and Velocity 128 come pretty close. The RIVA is faster in 3D , however the image quality is far worse than that of the Warp 5. (Especially the Anti-alaising , which is terrible) 

    Oak Warp 5 - The Warp 5 seems to fair better against the RIVA in the 2D tests , losing by only .02 points. The 3D is slower and the overall score does lag a bit , however in my opinion ,  the Oak Warp 5 makes up for this in image quality. [Scores: Overall , 1.45 , 2D , 1.05 , 3D , 1.76 ] 

    Velocity 128 - There is no doubt that this is one fast card! As you can see , the RIVA puts the Warp 5 away with it's stunning 3D score. However , nVidia needs to work on their image quality , because it is being put to shame by the Warp 5 , V2x00 , and of course the 3dfx Voodoo. [Scores: Overall 1.67 , 2D , 1.07 , 3D , 2.14 ] 
    3D Turok Demo Real world gaming results - Of course , no one cares how well their card preforms in synthetic benchmarks if it can't preform in the real world. (Err...Rage Pro :) So , I have compiled a real world test comparing the FPS of the Warp 5 and Velocity 128 (more to come) in Direct3D games. (Unfortunately , Oak doesn't have an OpenGL ICD for quake2. If anyone knows anyway which I can run Quake2 w/the Warp 5 , please e-mail me) 
    Well , here are the results: 

    Oak Warp 5 - The Oak Warp 5 does provide playability in 800x600 , however , it is obviously no match for the RIVA's mighty 128bit engine. The Warp 5 looks better , however , the RIVA is obviously much faster. It is up to you as to which one you want , speed or quality...or both... 

    Velocity 128 - Once again the Velocity proves itself. Shattering the Warp 5 once again , the RIVA chipset isn't one to be messed with in D3D at least. Nearly 20fps in 800x600 on a 6x86 is a feat with which few , if any ,  video cards can compete. nVidia mentioned that the RIVA 128 was a processor made specifically for D3D , and these benchmarks prove it! 

    **I will be adding to this page continously , so come back and visit soon!** 

    Image Quality - A visitor suggested that I give snapshots to back up my image quality analysis , so here they are. The snapshots were taken in Jedi Knight , 800x600 , Min texture set to 30. To view in full size , right click , then select view image.

    Riva 128                                                Oak Warp 5 
    See what Im talking about? The RIVA , which supposedly has good graphic quality , doesnt even compare to the warp 5. The Warp 5 is better in every respect. In my opinion , the Warp 5 makes even the Voodoo weep! Enlarge the images to see what I mean! Compare the jagged RIVA edges to the Warp 5's. The Warp 5's anti-alaising is simply amazing. As you can see , when it comes to image quality , the Warp 5 is second to none. (I am expecting the Outlaw 3D (V2x00 board) to arrive soon. Hopefully this board will provide  some competition for the Oak in the image quality field.)
    Test system
    6x86L-Pr200+  non MMX
    AOpen AX5T-3.1
    32Meg 60ns EDO RAM
    STB Velocity 128 4megs
    Oak Warp 5 209a , 4megs (evaluation version)
    S3 Trio 64V2/DX 1meg
    2.1gig Samsung IDE (no DMA/33)
    2D tests were run on 800x600x16bit since
    S3 only had 1meg of Video Ram.