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    Jan 9th - If everythign goes well I should be receiving three (four if everything goes real well :) 
    video cards within the next one or two weeks. They are , the Oak Warp 5 , nVidia RIVA 128 , and the Jazz Multimedia Outlaw 3D (V2200 based!). If everything goes REAL well , I should also being reciving a Permedia 2 reference board from 3Dlabs (I have received numerous emails the past month of even two telling me that they are sending , however I have never actually seen the card. Hopefully , I will receive one ) About the AOpen AX5T review , unfortunately , I haven't had much time to do anything this week (I was away from a computer from 6 am to 9:30 in the evening and found no time to test (I sleep :) Hopefully , I can get a review by Monday or Tuesday (this weekend I will most likely be heading to a computer show in the area , I doubt I will have time to test , sorry once again. )
    Jan 7th - Hi again. I haven't had much time to update lately (sorry!) However , I received news that the K7 would not use slot 1 , however a similar connector. This seems to be quite suprising , since AMD is in no position to manufacturer a proprietary chipset/connector. AMD barely has 5% of the CPU market , which makes this decision simply pathetic in my mind.
    Also , added a link to Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell.
    Jan 4th - Added a Link to the Plug&Pray site. I have added a little commentary about the 400$ 12meg Voodoo 2 from California Graphics. If you would like to add your views , please e-mail me. The page is in the Sneak Peek section , or you can just click here.
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