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Intergraph Intense 3D Voodoo
Manufacturer: Intergraph Corp
Chipset: 3dfx Voodoo/Rush , Alliance ProMotion AT25 (for 2D)
RAMDAC: 220mhz
Price:  $200
Vendor: ???


CPU Independent , Voodoo Glide support , support in general , good 3D , good 2D , overall good product. Good image quality , 2D/3D solution w/3dfx.


Price , only good  , not outstanding or superb. There are better performers for less money.




(note ,JPG compression somewhat degrades image)

      Before I begin this review , I would like to point out that the Intense 3D Voodoo is not a bad card. The Voodoo Rush chipset is NOT a terrible 3d chipset , it is just slower than the original Voodoo graphics. Also , the Alliance ProMotion 128bit chipset isn't slow either. I believe that the Intergraph Intense 3D Voodoo board (along with other 3dfx Voodoo Rush based solutions) are highly underrated. The only true weakness of this card is the price ($200). On to the real stuff :)

      The Intense 3D Voodoo is board for those who are looking for a 2D/3D solution featuring Voodoo , Glide and 3dfx. The board consists of the AT25 128bit 2D processor from Alliance Semiconductor , and 3dfx's Voodoo Rush on a three quarter (very big) PCI board. It comes with 3 bundled games , the Full Toruk (Glide) , the full Longbow 2 Voodoo Rush port , and the full version of MotoRacer) All of these games blaze with the Intense 3D Voodoo. ( I havent gotten benchmarks (couldn't figure out how (-benchmark and -Tmark didnt work w/Turok) but I am estimating at least 20fps in Turok (640x480) and over 30 in MotoRacer.)  But what about Quake? Well , as with its cousin , the 3dfx Voodoo graphics , Quake2 runs well on the Intense 3D Voodoo , with the exception of these strange sparsely dotted lines which run through the screen every now and then (most likely a driver issue) The game was very playable on a 6x86Pr200 (no MMX) running at 640x480 w/8bit textures off , though timedemo 1 showed otherwise (9.8fps). The Intense 3D provides Voodoo quality images , GLide support , and near Voodoo speed (especially on lower end systems) along with 128bit 2D acceleration. This board has many advantages over its competition , along with many weaknesses. Basically , this board is a well balanced 2D/3D combo. The Alliance chip provides good 2D performance , contrary to popular belief. (I was surprised at the speed of the Alliance ProMotion.) and great 3D. Even though the Voodoo Rush falls short of the Voodoo graphics (found in the Monster 3D) , it still has a few advantages over it. First of all , the Voodoo Rush employs 4 megabytes of frame buffer memory , allowing for resolutions up to 800x600 with a Z-buffer. Also , it allows rendering in a window , which is especially helpful in FS98. Also , the Voodoo Rush board has identical image quality as the Voodoo graphics. This image quality is by many considered the best available , though , in my opinion , the Warp 5 puts it to shame. (Benchmark page) A seemingly perfect board ,  the Intense 3D Voodoo has a few disadvantages.  First of all , the price is unattractive. At 200$ , the Intense 3D has difficult competition (Et6000+Monster 3D , RIVA based cards , Thriller 3D , Stealth II) making it a less appealing buy. Also , the 3D and 2D are only good , not excellent. The 3D is impressive , however not as fast as the V2200 or the Voodoo graphics. The 2D Directdraw is exceptionally fast , though no match for the blazing RIVA. To sum it up , the Intergraph Intense 3D Voodoo is a great card , though not so great when it comes to bang/buck. The card is a great addition to lower end systems , especially if Glide support is high up on the want list. If you don't really care for Glide , I would recommend looking at a different card , or a generic Rush board for much less money (130$).


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