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I havent had much time to go out and buy new CD's so i dont have anything in this section
yet. I will get some reviews up soon (I will also ad reviews of some good "old" CDs )
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BEAN- The Ultimate Disaster Movie
PolyGram presents!
Director: Mel Smith
Starring: Rowan Atkinson , Peter McNicol , Pamela Reed.

The Story Line:
Mr. Bean somehow finds himself a job at a Gallery in London. His employers , eager to get rid of him , send him to America as the top Professor of the Arts in London, Dr. Bean , to welcome the arrival of the 50 million Dollar painting "Whistlers Mother". As you can imagine , Mr. Bean and a 50 million dollar painting are two things that don't coexist happily...

If your looking for NON-STOP laughter and comedy , look no further than BEAN. Starring Rowan Atkinson and Peter McNicol , This movie confirms that Rowan Atkinson , a.k.a. Mr. Bean is the funniest man alive. Just looking at his face will make you fall out of your seat , not to mention the stupid things Dr. Bean manages to do. This movie resembles Forest Gump closely as it shows how even the biggest idoit can end up a hero in America.

Pictures coming soon!!!

MORE TO COME including BOOTIE CALL , GATACCA , MAD CITY , and everything else currently playing. PLUS Some "Classics"

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