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    Nov 30th - Added 3 CPU Reviews (Pentium w/MMX , 6x86MX , Pentium Pro )

    Nov 29th - CHOOSING A VIDEO CARD GUIDE Complete! Click here!

    Nov21st - Infix EVAL is COMPLETE! Check it out! Plus , added more video card reviews!
   Nov 16th - I think you can see whats new... Check out Coming soon for more info on upcoming

   Nov 15th - Nothing really new , I hope to have some new stuff in store later on today , check out
                    Coming Soon section to see whats up

   Nov 10th - Finally! The Music section is up! Check it out at Musicz graphic. I added Movie reviews
                    as well and I am going to rename the Musicz section to Entertainment. Check out Coming
                    Soon to see whats coming up! .. Also Added Some more Hardware Reviews
   Nov 8th - I changed the name of the page (still lame though) plus HARDWARE section is UP!
                   Come and check it out! I am working on the Music page and that should be up by monday.
                   By the way... I need a good server (tripod is garbage) but i don't have the money , if
                   Anyone knows where I could get advertisers in order to put this site on a good server ,
                   Please e-mail me at
    Nov 7th - Nothing much. Check out the Coming soon to see whats coming up! I am working on the
                   Hardware page right now. So it should be up later on today or tommorow.
    Nov 5th - First day that my page is up! I have the main page just about complete , but i currently
                   have nothing else. (except for the coming soon section ... so check that out and come back
                   Later. By monday i should have  lots more to offer. And maybe a whole new look to my

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