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    Opinions on 399$ Voodoo 2 Card
    Is it worth it?
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    Yes , It is worth it

    400$ is an excellent price for the Voodoo 2. Right now , the Monster 3D costs about 150$ and delivers 30fps in Quake2. The Voodoo 2 delivers over 100fps and costs a little more than 2x as much. Obviously , the 400$ is worth it. Secondly , the professionals and die hard CAD users pay a few thousands of dollars on a video card , so 'gamers for life' should have no troubles paying 400$ for the best gaming experience. Waiting is pointless , right now if a person buys Voodoo2 for 400$ , they will have the ultimate gaming tool for over a year! If they wait until the Voodoo 2 goes down in price to around 200-250$ , they will end up purchasing the Voodoo 3 or whatever next generation card comes out in a few months. Therefore , waiting means paying more in the long run.


    No , it isn't worth it

    Obviously , 400$ is way to much money to spend to play games a little better. Television is 30fps , so why does anyone have to play Quake2 at 110? There are enough cards which can keep up a high framerate in Quake2  that don't cost 400$. A better idea would be to wait for the Voodoo2 to have competition and hence lower it's prices. Though it is true that Voodoo2 means the ultimate in gaming , 400$ is an absurd amount to spend on games alone. As for Voodoo 2 being the next standard , true , but for how long , and when? Gaming companies aren't going to make games that only work exremely well on 400$ video cards. They do not want to lose money. Waiting until Voodoo2 prices go down is a much more sensible choice , as when this happens , many more games will begin to make full use of the V2 , which is when having a V2 really matters.