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    3D Studio Max AutoCAD
    RayDream 3D 5 Simply 3D
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    I do not own any of these programs , however , I have used most of them. So if something isn't true or if you disagree
    with something that I have 'said' , please e-mail me.
    3D Studio MAX: A professionals' dream! Written in fully 32bit code and with SMP support , 3D studio MAX gives the 3D professionals everything they could possibly ask for. If one program were to have it all , it would definitely be 3D studio MAX. Such features as unlimited undoing , tons of plug-in support , atmospheric lights , polygons , bombs , animation , texture mapping and TONS TONS give 3D studio MAX its name. 

    +es: Just look at the features listed above. Combine that with parametric model creation , multiple detail levels for editing , and textures can be viewed directly in the editing window! 

    -es: The major downside to 3D studio MAX , is it's high demands on the users system , and wallet. I recommend a Pentium Pro minimum w/64megs of RAM and 4megs of video for good preformance. 

    Conclusion: For the professional , 3D studio MAX is an ideal choice , not only does it give you raw power and flexibility , 3D studio MAX gives the user the option of adding numerous expansions and plug-ins to increase their producitivty. 

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    AutoCAD: For game level building and architectural endeavors , AutoCAD is the ultimate choice. Great compatiblity with other CAD programs , AutoCAD allows the user to import and export just about everything. From castles to outdoor scenes , if the user can imagine it , than AutoCAD can make it. 

    +es: Great flexibility , and compatibility. Excellent for still-life and 'level design'. 

    -es: I haven't really come across ANY disadvantages with AutoCAD , even though it lacks some of 3D studio MAX's features for example , it is used for different purposes , and in it's 'class' AutoCAD is virtually flawless. (If you know anything wrong with AutoCAD , e-mail me.) 

    Conclusion: For indoor/outdoor scenes , still-life , and level design , AutoCAD is your best bet. 

    Extreme 3D: Coming soon! 

    Lightwave 3D: Coming soon! 

    Martin Hash Animation Master: Coming soon! 

    RayDream 3D 5: Ray Dream is an excellent product and this version is no exception. With excellent quality rendering and tons of rendering options. RayDream is a quality product for the Pro and the Intermediate user. 

    +es: Many options , great texture mapping , rendering , plus good animation and movies. 

    -es: A little difficult to use , the free form creation "thingy" is a little ackward for me to use. 

    Conclusion: RayDream 3D 5 is an overall excellent product. It's slightly difficult use is overshadowed by it's many options and features. 

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    Simply 3D: Simply 3D says it all in the title. Simple. Excellent for producing quick images , simply 3D lacks the features of many higher-end CAD programs such as 3D studio and Lightwave. However , it's ease of use is perfect for the beginning user. 

    +es: Easy to use , quick and efficent. Relatively inexpensive. 

    -es: Lacks many features. Not as high quality. Un-professional. 

    Conclusion: Simply 3D is an excellent choice , with its great price and ease of use , any beginner or even intermediate user can get his/her hands on a quality product that will benefit them greatly. However , if you are a professional or are planning to do some serious work , i recommend exploring other options such as 3D studio MAX and Lightwave. 

    Check it out!