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    Welcome Visitor #
    Infix Evaluate Coming Soon
    Dec 10th - The Programming page has been changed to fit w/the new format of the page. I have made an entire separate page for each project so the Infix Evaluate has it's own page. Also , I finally added the damn source code for Infix Eval. The code isn't that great (written in PASCAL (yuk) and using an array implementation of stacks for simplicity and so that less experienced programmers can understand the code more easily.
    I haven't quite decided yet. Either LZW compression or a COMPLETE 3D ENGINE. 
    E-mail me and tell me what you think 

    NOTE: Regarding  the 3D engine , this project will be ongoing for A LONG time , since it takes along time to make a 3D engine , and even more explaining it! If I decide to create a 3D engine , you will see very little small projects (if any).