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AMD K6-266 
      AMD has announced 
      limited availablity of 
      the 0.25 micron version 
      of the K6-266 to OEMs 
      namely , IBM. (click) 

AMD K6-3D 


      The Deschutes processor 
      a 0.25 micron version of 
      the Pentium II , has been 
      released (officially) about 
      1 week ago. (Click here)
      When will we see 
      something?? Most likely
      not any time soon :) The 
      Cayenne core is currently 
      under development and 
      will not be available
      until late 98 (Q4) However
      A 0.25 micron version of 
      the 6x86MX is due soon!
      (Click here)
AMD 0.25 K6 266 to be available soon!

Amd has already announced the availability of 0.25 micron process K6/266s in limited quantities to OEMs ,  with availability to resellers and vendors in the very near future. The only differences between the K6/266 and its predecessor , the K6/233 is the fabrication size (from 0.35 - 0.25) , the voltage (i believe the K6/266 runs at 2.1v) and of course the clock speed. No other enhancements have been made. I contacted AMD about a sample version of this processor , however , I was told that they are currenlty only available to OEMs :(  , unfortunately , a complete review of this processor will have to wait. I have high hopes as far as the performance of this processor goes , however I am skeptical as far as the price. After all of Intel's aggresive price drops , it will be very difficult for AMD to be able to market the K6/266 at competitive pricing. (The K6/266 will probably performa somewhere in between the performance of the PII/233 and the PII/266 , the price was initially supposed to be 400$ , however , I am assuming AMD will lower the price because at 400$ , I would not even consider it. (PII/266 , which offers better performance in virtually every category , costs about 375$)

DESCHUTES , the next generation...

The next powerhouse from Intel , the 0.25 micron Pentium II/333 , codenamed Deschutes , will offer performance unmatched by any previous intel processors. The Deschutes is simply another name for a PII using a 0.25 micron fab. size. There are no structural differences between the  Deschutes and the original PII with the exception of the slower L2 timing on the Deschutes (still needs verification) Intel plans on following this baby with a 350 and 400mhz version , both boasting a 100mhz front side bus , which will be available in the next generation PII chipset , the 440BX. Contrary to popular believe , the 100mhz bus WILL increase PII performance significantly. Just because the L2 cache does not benefit from this increase , the rest of the system will. 100mhz bus means greater bandwith for AGP , which will put the x2 AGP support on many video cards to work. Not only will AGP benefit , but so will the remaining portions of the system. The 100mhz bus means overall faster flow between the CPU and the rest of the system.